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The Central Park Five: Compensation Demanded For Unjustified Imprisonment

1 Feb
Central Park Five
Hello readers!
I encourage you all to go see the documentary The Central Park Five (click to see trailer).  After the viewing I came home heartbroken and angry but decided to channel that anger into action.

I just signed the petition “Mayor Bloomberg: Compensate the Central Park 5 for the unjustified imprisonment.” on Change.org.

It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:


Thank you,
Taffi Woolward

Principal, TW Advisory
MBA Candidate, NYU Stern Class of 2013
President, SCorp (Stern Student Government)

Soledad O’Brien’s ‘Beyond Trayvon’ CNN Special Hits At The Core Of Martin Case

31 Mar

We love Soledad. This was a very smart dissection of an all too familiar deadly case of American bigotry.

Trayvon Martin

After almost two weeks as a national news story, the Trayvon Martin case has elevated many tempers and flared up more than a few political wars– so yesterday’s Beyond Trayvon special on CNN, hosted by Soledad O’Brien, was a welcome change of pace to the story. Rather than the brief and punchy 5-minute debates on other networks over the story or its politicization, or the extended humiliations of weak witnesses and lawyers (and sometimes empty chairs) that characterized the week, O’Brien and her panel took an hour to debate the cultural impact of every detail, the place the story has in our national historical narrative, and what exactly led so many to care so deeply about the Florida teen and the fate of his shooter.

See more here at Mediaite.com.